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Darlene Norman

Founder of Embraced IDEA

Parent of an amazing medically complex child and unique educational disability and learning needs
Digital organization enthusiast who strives to be more efficient with resources and time
School and educational psychology professional

Click here to learn more about Darlene Norman's Licensed Educational Psychologist professional services based in California.

My introduction to working with children with unique learning needs began as I entered into graduate school for my master of science degree in school psychology. After finishing my program, I entered into public education and have worked as a school psychologist, program specialist, and director of special education for the past 15+ years.

An area I am passionate about is supporting families with low-incidence disabilities who have varying unique needs. A project I've created is developing a secure, easy-to-access, shareable, online passport and portfolio about my daughter to share with her educational team.  As a child with a large team, there are always new people joining her team and it has become a simple and easy way to share current and relevant information with her entire team at one time and keep it updated for her team to view at any time needed. Contact me at here for additional information on how to implement this for your child. 

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